A Piece of Me

Warm, cool, or complementary… photographic, illustrative, or a combination… serif, san serif, or blackletter… selecting the perfect elements to help tell a story or make a statement requires talent, skill and lots of trial and error. It is a process that can be exciting, engrossing, and even frustrating. But, the final product brings a variety of emotions –from gratification and pride to relief and contentment .

This process can be a rollercoaster with steep peaks, corkscrew turns, and low valleys, or it can be a steady ferris wheel slowly and evenly making pace to its crest.
Regardless of which, I will gladly ride again and again. This is how I know Communication Design is my passion. There is nothing more rewarding to me than creating a work of art that successfully conveys a message to my audience.

My name is Mandy Boyd.  Ever since I was a child I always found peace in picking up a piece of paper and pencil and letting my imagination tell a story. Instead of reading books, I used them as a canvas. Instead of playing sports, I played in a creek making mud pies and crowns out of vines.  When my older sister and I would play house, it too had an artistic twist. Instead of just going to ‘work’ we were off modifying our dress-up clothes for a fashion show.

What began as a childhood interest that was nurtured though the years with education and learning new skill sets, has now blossomed into a career. Today, I am thankful for each day I get to use my creativity to tell a new story or expand on an existing one.


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